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The Kids Move Out – The Machines Move In

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A serious knee injury and a bet with her GP to complete a halfmarathon was the reason for Hanne Lollike to begin her home training. As a result, she and her husband have transformed the former nursery to a fitness room.

It’s only 8 o’clock in the morning, and even though it’s her day off, Hanne Lollike is already up and running. She is an early riser and her day starts with half an hour of fitness. This new habit gives her a fresh start to a healthier body and lifestyle. She and her husband, Karsten Lollike, have set up their own personal gym at home with a fully equipped fitness room. Being a busy couple makes it difficult to schedule their workouts into a packed calendar.

However, it was a pretty dramatic incident which caused Hanne to start home training. A few years ago, after a serious knee injury on a skiing trip, she was required to undergo physical rehabilitation. To keep herself motivated, she made a bet with her GP that she would complete a half-marathon despite her injury. She and Karsten bought their first fitness machine – a multi-machine. And the first seed was sown.

Motivation and well-being

Both Hanne and Karsten have always been physically active. Hanne primarily in skiing and hiking – and Karsten in several different sports – especially badminton and basketball. A heart condition and heavy travel activity put an end to team sports. They both believe that exercise is THE way to well-being. If Hanne doesn’t feel physically well, it affects her mental well-being. And at the same time, they are both very much aware, that if they want to keep on living an active life, it is crucial to nurture their bodies.

There is a lot going on with our bodies in our age. I have reached menopause, and I just feel that I get more tender and get tired muscles much faster than before. It gets worse, if I don’t do my exercises.


It is fortunate that both Hanne and Karsten have always been physically active. As such it’s easier to incorporate workouts into everyday life – and have the needed self-discipline to keep up with a daily routine.

Karsten is well-aware that he must exercise and stay physically active, if he wants to ensure a strong and healthy heart. Furthermore, being quite a tall man, Karsten has to take extra good care of his back, and hence the daily exercise is crucial for his health.

They both agree that they wouldn’t obtain the same extent of workout, if they didn’t have the training opportunities at home and within close proximity.y put an end to team sports. They both believe that exercise is THE way to well-being. If Hanne doesn’t feel physically well, it affects her mental well-being. And at the same time, they are both very much aware, that if they want to keep on living an active life, it is crucial to nurture their bodies.

We are busy people. Working out in a fitness studio isn’t an option – because it doesn’t fit into my lifestyle if I have to fit my training into a predefined schedule. What works for me is, that I can do my training whenever it suits me and my calendar, says Karsten.

Hanne has chosen to combine home training with a weekly visit to the gym.Together with three of her good friends, she has hired a personal trainer, who provides them with a range of exercises, which she easily can integrate in her exercise program at home. According to Hanne, the social aspect of working out with others can contribute with an element of competition and thus, is a way to exert yourself more compared to only home training. In that regard, she considers her self-organized training as a supplement, ensuring she exercises more, then she otherwise would have done.


Today Hanne and Karsten have organized themselves with a professional home gym that is set-up in their child’s old room. The 24 m2 room has a well-assorted range of equipment that supports both cardio and strength, and holds two bikes, a weight-bench, a stepper – and a big mirror to make sure that you do your exercise correctly. And of course, Hanne has her kettlebells, in addition to Karsten’s weights. Even though Hanne prefers to work-out alone since the space can be a little cramped when both she and Karsten are swinging the weighs, it is motivating that they have each other.

Exercising is a natural part of our lives since we both always have been very active and enjoyed sports. It’s probably a lifestyle. We challenge each other to train, because we both know it’s necessary. We have reached an age, where we have to take good care of our bodies.

That in itself is a motivation. Karsten is a bit more inconsistent with his training. Though motivation is clearly higher whenever there’s a cycling race on TV for which a television is installed that he can watch from his bike. Time flies when this happens because it is more fun to compete with the professionals as you work out.


If asked, Hanne and Karsten values flexibility as the main advantage of home training. It provides the liberty to organize your training in your own time – and it doesn’t require that much equipment to get you started. The most important thing is the ability to motivate yourself and each other. Having a gym at home makes it much easier for the couple to keep up the good work. Home training doesn’t mean that you have to be equipped like Hanna and Karsten. Less will do it. A chair, a matt and maybe a couple of weighs will easily get you started. In the summer the couple take their exercises outside. The outdoor areas are perfect for training as well. Use the stairs instead of your stepper and do your workout in the garden.

You can keep your body running in many ways. Vi stimulate each other positively knowing that exercise is important, if we want to take good care of ourselves – and each other.


  1. Accessibility: It should be easy for you to train. Find a place at home where your equipment
    is accessible.
  2. Good music. Put on your favorite music to get in the mood and give it all you got.
  3. Set up a mirror to make sure that you perform your exercises correctly.
  4. Make your training area cozy and nice for yourself.
  5. Equipment: You don’t need that much equipment to get started: A chair, a Pilates ball or/and a couple of weighs are enough to set you up. You can always add additional equipment along the way.

This is also available in: Dansk

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