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TITAN LIFE PERFORMANCE T73 is a first-class treadmill for the demanding athlete. Enjoy the many features including distance, calories, hand pulse and an iPad holder, each of which will help to make the hard fitness sessions more rewarding, motivating and fun to complete. The treadmill has a top speed of 22 km/h and is a very good choice if you want to train interval and endurance. The treadmill comes with a wide running surface which leaves you plenty of space for fast running. The treadmill is equipped with a powerful 3.0 hp engine controlled by a TFT screen which allows you to enjoy videos as well. You can create up to 3 different private users are able to register on the TITAN LIFE PERFORMANCE T73 allowing more family members to use the treadmill with their own setups. The features of the TITAN LIFE PERFORMANCE T73 Treadmill can be accessed by an App for storage of all relevant data. Connect your treadmill to a mobile iOS device with Bluetooth Technology. Lubricants are recommended to ensure the lifetime and warranty of your treadmill. After use, the space saving treadmill can be folded for easy movement and storage in your home. Choose between 24 challenging programs including 13 preset programs, 4 pulse programs, 3 custom programs, watts, body fat or manual programs. The saddle height is adjustable min./max 73/95 cm and the bike is suitable for a maximum user weight of 120 kg.


Discover the most extensive treadmill on the market that matches up with the professionals with this TITAN LIFE ATHLETE T74! Intensify your exercise on a tread belt that is 51 cm wide and 140 cm long, driven by a 3 HP powerful engine. The extra shock absorption provides you with great pleasure during your workout. Incline compensates for less speed. The more incline, the harder it will get and thus, correspond to a higher speed. In addition, running on a treadmill makes your muscles and tendons more robust opposed to running outdoor. Varied training is healthy for the body. Connect your tablet or phone by USB, or connect your MP3 player and listen to music through the built-in speakers. Headphones are connectable as well. The TITAN LIFE ATHLETE T74 has a maximum speed of 20 km/h and 15 incline levels. Whatever you desire, this treadmill meets all requirements. The treadmill features a 3 HP powerful engine. Try the most extensive and up-to-date treadmill on the market that compliments the experience of a treadmill with professional standards. The TITAN LIFE T74 has a total of 24 preset programs. The LED display features all the necessary information. This treadmill is the perfect tool for achieving weight loss and increasing performance. Max user weight is 130 kg.

TITAN LIFE Treadmill T55

TITAN LIFE Treadmill T55 is a treadmill for the entire family and doesn't take up much space. The 20 incline levels gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself. The treadmill is also equipped with a reliable 2 hp engine, 46 cm wide belt and 4 shock absorbers to create the perfect belt for reducing the impact on the body while simultaneously providing a nice, comfortable running surface. You are also able to connect your phone to the treadmill to store statistics from your last workout. Moreover, this is a great treadmill for experienced runners who want to run 3-4 times a week.


TITAN LIFE ATHLETE T99 Treadmill is recommended for professional use and for anyone who wants a professional treadmill at home. The treadmill has a powerful 3 hp AC motor and with a top speed of 22 km/h, a smooth momentum and 15 resistance levels, the treadmill can challenge even the most advanced runner. TITAN LIFE Athlete T99 is easily folded and has a stable and wide running surface of 145 x 51 cm which ensures you a safe run. Furthermore, the treadmill is equipped with various features that corresponds to its quality: easy to use, TFT display with 42 applications, iPad holder, USB, WiFi, fan, mp3, speaker. The powerful construction and extra shock absorption makes the TITAN LIFE Athlete T99 a versatile and gentle treadmill that protects your joints and muscles in the legs – especially in the ankles and knees. The maximum permissible user weight on the treadmill is set to 150 kg.

TITAN LIFE PRO T66 Treadmill

TITAN LIFE PRO T66 treadmill is recommended for professional use and meets the rigorous requirements for professional equipment. The shock absorbing thread belt provides great training experience and a soft stride, which also works gently on your legs when performing long intensive workouts. A perfect treadmill for runners who want to challenge and complete extremely tough training sessions. So, if you want a professional treadmill at home, TITAN LIFE PRO T'66 is definitely the choice for you. The heavy-duty thread belt with extra absorption ensures a soft landing and a powerful boost. The AC motor of 6.0 HP provides the treadmill with an exceptional high peak performance level, and with a top speed of 22 km/h and 15 incline levels, all athletics practitioners should be challenged regardless of the level. The large console with a 9"" TFT screen is user-friendly and easily adjusted even under tough sessions. The heart rate sensor is perfectly positioned on the treadmill and at the same time you are ensured a firm grip.


The TITAN LIFE ATHLETE T67 Treadmill is of the highest quality and comfort and features a built in shock absorption function to ease stress on your joints, this in return allows for more comfortable and longer workouts. The treadmill has a large tread belt of 51 x 140 cm, a motor of 3HP and a maximum speed of 20 km/h. This is a stable and foldable treadmill which takes up a minimum of space in your home when not in use. TITAN LIFE ATHLETE T67 is a high quality treadmill in a stunning design with the best running comfort and the latest features. This treadmill is equipped with an extra large control panel with LED display. The shock absorber ensures you a gentle run and the pulse sensor program allows you to track your heart rate during your training.


TITAN LIFE ATHLETE T64 is a family friendly treadmill and allows up to 3 different users to create their own personal profile. The TITAN LIFE Athlete T64 is a strong and versatile treadmill that meets different needs for all your family members. The interval training challenges you with extra 16 levels of incline. The treadmill features a space-saving folding design for easy storage in your home and convenient transport wheels for easy movement. It is an efficient treadmill with a 3HP motor and 24 preset programs. The treadmill has a maximum speed of 20 km/h, and can challenge even the most experienced runner. TITAN LIFE ATHLETE T64 has a maximum user weight of 130 kg. With it's wide LCD screen you can easily track data such as time, speed, distance, incline and burned calories. With the advanced Bluetooth Technology the associated app allows you to save your training history.


The TITAN LIFE Intensity TL600 treadmill features all the necessary functionalities to experience a great run while not compromising with the design. This TITAN LIFE treadmill can speed up to 20 km/h, and with 16 levels of incline, it's a perfect treadmill for you home gym. Create 3 user profiles, which makes it possible for more family members to use the treadmill with their own personal setups. The TITAN LIFE Intensity TL600 is one of the latest editions in the product line, and has all essential features that an effective treadmill should have. The TITAN LIFE TL600 treadmill features Bluetooth Technology, 15 preset programs and a smart LCD screen. This new treadmill is equipped with a large and powerful engine that provides 2HP under continuous load. The speed ​​and incline can be adjusted on the handlebar. The treadmill is foldable for easy storage when not in use. The built in alarm warns you in due time for service and oil change. The maximum permitted user weight is 120 kg.


Our TITAN LIFE Intensity TL700 is the latest addition in our selection of exclusive treadmills - get started with your cardio training with this smart and functional treadmill. It has many smart features that offers you the opportunity to challenge yourself while at the same time reaching new goals in your circuit training. With a peak speed of 22 km / h, you can seriously put your fitness into play and test your intensity level by switching between the 15 different resistance levels. In addition, 12 programs can be selected. The TITAN LIFE intensity TL 700 treadmill is suitable both for the experienced and demanding athlete with a desire for circuit training including running as the beginner. Intensity TL700 is a great treadmill for home use with a powerful 4HP motor. Listen to music during your workout by hooking up to your home network, watch your favorite TV show or a good movie with the top-quality integrated MP3 interface. All in all, don't miss out on yet another launch of an exclusive TITAN LIFE treadmill perfect for home use. The TITAN LIFE Intensity 700TL Treadmill embodies the feel of running on a professional treadmill. This super-smart and functional treadmill is easily foldable.


With this TITAN LIFE ATHLETE T73 Treadmill you get the feeling of a professional treadmill for home use. The largest and most up-to-date treadmill on the market comes with radio and USB e.g. for MP3 player, as well as headphone jacks! The powerful DC motor with several options for interval and hill training guarantees challenges enough even for the highly trained runner. The width of the running surface is 51 cm, and the length is 140 cm. With the extra built-in shock absorption to the running plate and the extra air suspension, you get a comfortable experience throughout your run, and you are ensured a gentle workout. The treadmill computer has a TFT screen that allows you to play running videos with routes or show the race track where you can compete with a fictitious character or another runner. The screen has an improved display of movies, features Bluetooth and Apps that you can use to store data from your runs and watch on your mobile iOS device. In addition, the computer comes with an iPad holder. The display has 24 preset programs and it's possible to create 3 user profiles, allowing more family members to create their own private setup. Thus, 3 different people can use the machine without registering height and weight each time to get calories calculated.The computer features a myriad of goals and displays the required speed to reach your goals. You can compete with other users or against the computeritself while following who leads on the screen. The treadmill has only been on display and has been inspected by our technicians. Two year warranty is granted.

TITAN LIFE Treadmill T35

TITIAN LIFE Treadmill T35 comes with a strong and compact 2 hp motor and three adjustable incline settings. The treadmill has an integrated Mp3 input that you can easily connect to play your own music. In addition, the smart LCD 5" shows the time, burned calories, speed, heart rate, etc. The wheel tread is equipped with 14 full compression points that creates a more gentle and soft running experience. TITAN LIFE Treadmill T35 is a great product for beginners who want to get in better shape.  

TITAN LIFE Treadmill T65

TITAN LIFE Treadmill T65 is build with a powerful 3 hp engine that can reach a top speed of 22 km/t. The robust treadmill is equipped with a 52 cm shock-absorbent tread belt and 22 incline levels for optimal results. In addition, TITAN LIFE Treadmill T65 has a LCD display to show burned calories, pulse, speed, time, incline level, body fat, etc. This treadmill is for the more experienced runners who wish to run more often.