Cardio training improves our fitness and stimulates our heart, so it can pump more blood = oxygen into the body. Thus, cardio training helps keeping the heart healthy and strong, allowing more energy to everyday activities and other physical activity.

Cardio training is easy and a practical way of workout for those who are busy in everyday life, but still want to keep the body and heart in good shape. Cardio training is also very good in combination with strength training and other sports where the muscles are pushed to perform.

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A great choice for the demanding athlete. The TITAN LIFE Spin Bike S11 is recommended for the demanding athlete. With a 13 kg flywheel you can work with a light and sliding stride. The computer shows the basic information: Time, speed, distance, calories burned and holds a scan function. The handlebar and saddle can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. In addition, the handlebar has several grip options. Indoor S11 is equipped with a comfortable sports seat for long workouts. The pedals are equipped with straps for fast and secure attachment off indoor shoes. The maximum user weight is 125 kg.

TITAN LIFE Multifunctional Mat

TITAN LIFE Multifunctional Protection Mat is used as a base to use under your workout machines such as treadmills, cross trainers, bikes, rowing machines or home gyms. The protection mat provides a stable surface for various equipment and machines, protects your floor from wear and tear and reduces noise. The TITAN LIFE Multifunctional Protection Mat dimensions are, L x W x H: (cm) 200 x 105 x 0,6. The mat is produced with 100% polymer, which makes the mat durable and easy to clean.


TITAN LIFE PERFORMANCE T73 is a first-class treadmill for the demanding athlete. Enjoy the many features including distance, calories, hand pulse and an iPad holder, each of which will help to make the hard fitness sessions more rewarding, motivating and fun to complete. The treadmill has a top speed of 22 km/h and is a very good choice if you want to train interval and endurance. The treadmill comes with a wide running surface which leaves you plenty of space for fast running. The treadmill is equipped with a powerful 3.0 hp engine controlled by a TFT screen which allows you to enjoy videos as well. You can create up to 3 different private users are able to register on the TITAN LIFE PERFORMANCE T73 allowing more family members to use the treadmill with their own setups. The features of the TITAN LIFE PERFORMANCE T73 Treadmill can be accessed by an App for storage of all relevant data. Connect your treadmill to a mobile iOS device with Bluetooth Technology. Lubricants are recommended to ensure the lifetime and warranty of your treadmill. After use, the space saving treadmill can be folded for easy movement and storage in your home. Choose between 24 challenging programs including 13 preset programs, 4 pulse programs, 3 custom programs, watts, body fat or manual programs. The saddle height is adjustable min./max 73/95 cm and the bike is suitable for a maximum user weight of 120 kg.


Discover the most extensive treadmill on the market that matches up with the professionals with this TITAN LIFE ATHLETE T74! Intensify your exercise on a tread belt that is 51 cm wide and 140 cm long, driven by a 3 HP powerful engine. The extra shock absorption provides you with great pleasure during your workout. Incline compensates for less speed. The more incline, the harder it will get and thus, correspond to a higher speed. In addition, running on a treadmill makes your muscles and tendons more robust opposed to running outdoor. Varied training is healthy for the body. Connect your tablet or phone by USB, or connect your MP3 player and listen to music through the built-in speakers. Headphones are connectable as well. The TITAN LIFE ATHLETE T74 has a maximum speed of 20 km/h and 15 incline levels. Whatever you desire, this treadmill meets all requirements. The treadmill features a 3 HP powerful engine. Try the most extensive and up-to-date treadmill on the market that compliments the experience of a treadmill with professional standards. The TITAN LIFE T74 has a total of 24 preset programs. The LED display features all the necessary information. This treadmill is the perfect tool for achieving weight loss and increasing performance. Max user weight is 130 kg.


TITAN LIFE R10 Rowing Machine is a small rowing machine with elastic resistance. Suitable for exercising the entire body and the core muscles. Resistance on the machine is easily regulated with three elastics. Each elastic has a resistance of 5 kg. The advantage of the elastics offers you the option to focus your workout on your arms, in a standing position. Track the most important information of your workout efforts on the display such as distance, strokes, strokes in total, burned calories and scan. Get inspiration for various exercises with the included training CD. This rowing machine is mounted with transport wheels for easy movement and storage so that it doesn't take up unnecessary space in your home. TITAN LIFE R10 is suitable for a maximum user weight of 110 kg and a user height of 198 cm. Measurement of the rowing machine are: H x W x L: 94 cm x 43.5 cm x 138 cm.


TITAN LIFE R33 Rowing machine supports an excellent condition boost to your fitness. The rowing machine strengthens your whole body, exercising all the major muscle groups such as thighs, abdomen, back, arms, shoulders, chest. TITAN LIFE R33 Rowing Machine features silent magnetic resistance which provides a silent workout and a smooth pull. The advanced computer shows time, distance, number of strokes and calories. The comfortable seat slides silently with low friction on the powder-coated rail. TITAN LIFE R33 is foldable for easy storage. The suitable maximum user weight for this rowing machine is 120 kg. The dimensions are L x W x H: 207.5 cm x 52 cm x 44,5 cm.


TITAN LIFE ATHLETE S67 Spin Bike is as close as you get to the ones in a professional fitness center. TITAN LIFE ATHLETE S67 spin bike is made of robust steel, and with a 20 kg flywheel you get a great flow during your workout. In addition, the bike is equipped with adjustable pedals that ensure that the feet do not slip. The adjustable handlebar and saddle allow you to regulate the bike correctly to your height. To accommodate a successful experience the TITAN LIFE Athlete S67 comes with a light stride, easy manageable magnetic resistance and a comfortable seat. The TITAN LIFE Athlete S67 meets all the requirements for a affordable, quality bike suitable for all family members. The bike has mounted transport wheels for easy movement in your home. The suitable maximum user weight for this spin bike is 120 kg. Recommended user height: 160-205 cm


TITAN LIFE PERFORMANCE R55 Rowing Machine is for those who want an easy and user-friendly rowing machine at home, TITAN LIFE PERFORMANCE R55 is the perfect choice. The elegant designed rowing machine features a comfortable seat that easily slides on the rail and offers 8 resistance levels. The computer displays the most important information such as time, calories burned, and distance, as well as strokes per minute. Feet are clamped with adjustable straps. Magnetic resistance can be adjusted manually with easy access to fast switch between 8 levels. The suitable maximum user weight for this Rowing Machine is 120 kg. The dimensions are L x W x H: 184,5 cm x 50 cm x 77,5 cm.


TITAN LIFE Crosstrainer Nordic 8 is a well-equipped crosstrainer. The modern design makes it suitable for any home. It features electronically adjustable magnetic resistance, 32 levels and a computer with 12 exercise programs. The TITAN LIFE Nordic 8 cross trainer provides you with a solid product quality at home. The stride length of 38 cm offers great mobility and an efficient workout for the entire body. The 7 kg flywheel provides smooth movement at all levels of resistance, ensuring a satisfying workout. Smart display equipped with hand pulse sensors for easily tracking your heart rate during exercise. The suitable maximum user weight for this Rowing Machine is 120 kg. The dimensions are, L x W x H: 135 cm x 67 cm x 167 cm.

TITAN LIFE Circulation Trainer

The TITAN LIFE Circulation Trainer Electrical can be used for cardio training while, for example, working or sitting at home. The bike can be used either with hands or legs. It is particularly suitable for cardiovascular training and rehabilitation, or to improve your blood circulation. Can be set to incremental increase in load mode from low to heavy load depending on your improvement in training. Note that the product may only be used seated, as it isn't suitable for carrying a user weight. The bike also features a 4.5 x 3.0 cm LCD screen, showing the following functions: Time, distance, number of laps, RMP (Number of laps per minute) and calories.


TITAN LIFE PERFORMANCE S33 Spin Bike is a quality bike with everything you need: adjustable saddle, a smooth stride, 8-level resistance etc. Indoor cycling is a powerful sport that requires a great bike with extra equipment! This quality bike is build on user-centered design and you are therefore well-equipped when jumping in the saddle. The bike comes with a 13 kg flywheel that ensures an ultra light and smooth stride. The easily adjustable saddle (horizontally and vertically), the handlebar and the foot straps ensure a comfortable, safe and effective workout. At the same time, the saddle can be adjusted 80-100 cm in hight. The 8-level resistance is adjusted manually and the brake pad is a filter pad. The computer displays the important data throughout your workout: time, distance and burned calories etc. The bike is equipped with 2 bottle holders on the handlebar and 1 on the rack. The transport wheel makes it is easy to move the bike around.

TITAN LIFE PRO B44 Exercise Bike

TITAN LIFE PRO B44 is a high quality, self-generating Exercise Bike with a great number of programs and resistance levels. Attractive machine suitable for effective training. The flywheel weighs 15 kg and ensures an easy and smooth ride. At the same time, this amazing machine also features a user-friendly 10.1 TFT touch screen with lots of features. The console includes 12 programs as well as 20 resistance levels to ensure a high level of motivation and versatility during your training. The saddle is extremely comfortable and easy adjustable. The console has an integrated interior fan which provides a good user experience and ensures a comfortable training also throughout longer sessions. Thanks to the built-in generator, this fantastic product has brought innovation to a whole new stage, thus requiring no power or charging. The machine is self-generated and can be placed wherever desired. TITAN LIFE PRO B44 has a maximum suitable user weight of 150 kg.