Cardio training improves our fitness and stimulates our heart, so it can pump more blood = oxygen into the body. Thus, cardio training helps keeping the heart healthy and strong, allowing more energy to everyday activities and other physical activity.

Cardio training is easy and a practical way of workout for those who are busy in everyday life, but still want to keep the body and heart in good shape. Cardio training is also very good in combination with strength training and other sports where the muscles are pushed to perform.

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A great choice for the demanding athlete. The TITAN LIFE Spin Bike S11 is recommended for the demanding athlete. With a 13 kg flywheel you can work with a light and sliding stride. The computer shows the basic information: Time, speed, distance, calories burned and holds a scan function. The handlebar and saddle can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. In addition, the handlebar has several grip options. Indoor S11 is equipped with a comfortable sports seat for long workouts. The pedals are equipped with straps for fast and secure attachment off indoor shoes. The maximum user weight is 125 kg.

TITAN LIFE Multifunctional Mat

TITAN LIFE Multifunctional Protection Mat is used as a base to use under your workout machines such as treadmills, cross trainers, bikes, rowing machines or home gyms. The protection mat provides a stable surface for various equipment and machines, protects your floor from wear and tear and reduces noise. The TITAN LIFE Multifunctional Protection Mat dimensions are, L x W x H: (cm) 200 x 105 x 0,6. The mat is produced with 100% polymer, which makes the mat durable and easy to clean.


TITAN LIFE R10 Rowing Machine is a small rowing machine with elastic resistance. Suitable for exercising the entire body and the core muscles. Resistance on the machine is easily regulated with three elastics. Each elastic has a resistance of 5 kg. The advantage of the elastics offers you the option to focus your workout on your arms, in a standing position. Track the most important information of your workout efforts on the display such as distance, strokes, strokes in total, burned calories and scan. Get inspiration for various exercises with the included training CD. This rowing machine is mounted with transport wheels for easy movement and storage so that it doesn't take up unnecessary space in your home. TITAN LIFE R10 is suitable for a maximum user weight of 110 kg and a user height of 198 cm. Measurement of the rowing machine are: H x W x L: 94 cm x 43.5 cm x 138 cm.

TITAN LIFE Circulation Trainer

The TITAN LIFE Circulation Trainer Electrical can be used for cardio training while, for example, working or sitting at home. The bike can be used either with hands or legs. It is particularly suitable for cardiovascular training and rehabilitation, or to improve your blood circulation. Can be set to incremental increase in load mode from low to heavy load depending on your improvement in training. Note that the product may only be used seated, as it isn't suitable for carrying a user weight. The bike also features a 4.5 x 3.0 cm LCD screen, showing the following functions: Time, distance, number of laps, RMP (Number of laps per minute) and calories.

TITAN LIFE Treadmill T55

TITAN LIFE Treadmill T55 is a treadmill for the entire family and doesn't take up much space. The 20 incline levels gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself. The treadmill is also equipped with a reliable 2 hp engine, 46 cm wide belt and 4 shock absorbers to create the perfect belt for reducing the impact on the body while simultaneously providing a nice, comfortable running surface. You are also able to connect your phone to the treadmill to store statistics from your last workout. Moreover, this is a great treadmill for experienced runners who want to run 3-4 times a week.


TITAN LIFE ATHLETE B55 is a great exercise bike with a 9 kg flywheel that delivers a great stride - perfect for those who want to make a serious difference in getting into better shape. If you need a simple exercise bike without a lot of technical programs, TITAN LIFE Athlete B55 is the obvious choice for you. Use the easy-to-use computer during your training to track your time, distance, calories, heart rate, clock, alarm, temperature, revolutions per minute (RPM), body fat etc. The console is equipped with an iPad holder and the manual adjustment system has 8 levels increase. The TITAN LIFE ATHLETE B55 is equipped with an adjustable saddle and transport wheels so that you can move the exercise bike at any time when not in use. Details: 9 kg flywheel Adjustable saddle and handlebar Easy-to-use computer iPad holder Resistance levels: 8 Transport wheel Max user weight: 120 kg


The TITAN LIFE INTENSITY CC500 Exercise Bike features a 7 kg flywheel and an electronically adjustable magnetic brake system. The exercise bike is highly rated for its usability. Each person is unique and has unique needs and desires in a workout, therefore this bike is designed to be customized to match each person's individual need. The seat can be adjusted vertically and horizontally, and the handlebar can be adjusted to the length of your arms. The bike is mounted on a stabilizing base to ensure a comfortable and safe seat. TITAN LIFE Intensity CC500 is a foldable exercise bike that has transport wheels which allows you to easily move it.


TITAN LIFE ATHLETE C55 Crosstrainer is a highly-featured and exclusively designed crosstrainer that allows you to get a full body workout in the comfort of your own home. The TITAN LIFE ATHELETE C55 has a 40 cm stride length which gives a sliding feel and optimizes a full body motion. It has adjustable magnetic resistance, and the 8 kg flywheel allows a smooth stride and intensifies the resistance in different levels. Furthermore, this crosstrainer is equipped with a pulse sensor located on the handlebar as well as it holds various technical features such as clock, alarm and temperature. The machine carries a user weight of max 120 kg. The crosstrainer is equipped with transport wheels for portability which makes it easy to move and store between workouts.


With this TITAN LIFE ATHLETE T73 Treadmill you get the feeling of a professional treadmill for home use. The largest and most up-to-date treadmill on the market comes with radio and USB e.g. for MP3 player, as well as headphone jacks! The powerful DC motor with several options for interval and hill training guarantees challenges enough even for the highly trained runner. The width of the running surface is 51 cm, and the length is 140 cm. With the extra built-in shock absorption to the running plate and the extra air suspension, you get a comfortable experience throughout your run, and you are ensured a gentle workout. The treadmill computer has a TFT screen that allows you to play running videos with routes or show the race track where you can compete with a fictitious character or another runner. The screen has an improved display of movies, features Bluetooth and Apps that you can use to store data from your runs and watch on your mobile iOS device. In addition, the computer comes with an iPad holder. The display has 24 preset programs and it's possible to create 3 user profiles, allowing more family members to create their own private setup. Thus, 3 different people can use the machine without registering height and weight each time to get calories calculated.The computer features a myriad of goals and displays the required speed to reach your goals. You can compete with other users or against the computeritself while following who leads on the screen. The treadmill has only been on display and has been inspected by our technicians. Two year warranty is granted.

Titan Life Bike B35

TITAN LIFE Bike B35 is an ideal exercise bike with a strong framework. The bike is built to withstand heavy use and has 12 optimal programs. The 6 kg flywheel with magnetic resistance gives you a smooth and effective training, even under high intensity. In addition, the bike's magnetic resistance minimizes noise during workout. If you need a simple exercise bike without a lot of technical programs, TITAN LIFE Bike B35 is the obvious choice for you.


Titan Life Bike B65 is a powerful bike with a comfortable and durable saddle. The 11 kg flywheel with magnetic resistance gives you a smooth and effective training, even during high intensity and long workouts. The bike has many optimal programs integrated in its computer, which offers you a variable workout. If you are picky about your choice of a great exercise bike, the Titan Life Bike B65 is definitely a possible candidate.  

TITAN LIFE Crosstrainer C35

Titan Life Crosstrainer C35 offers a powerful and effective for your workout at home. The bike has a long stride length of 33 cm which gives you the optimal mobility. The 6kg flywheel is equipped with electronic adjustable magnetic resistance that delivers a smooth and flawless motion on every level. The handle has an integrated hand pulse sensor to check your pulse during workout.