Our success and company history.

In a lifetime, there are many ways to go, and multiple paths to take. We believe that the only right way to work out is what’s right for you.


TITAN LIFE is a brand with heart and roots in the Nordic region, and a keen eye for design and good materials. We create products that push you forward on your journey – keeping you healthy and strong.

At TITAN LIFE we know people are different and have individual needs. We are dedicated towards creating fitness equipment that suit your needs and look great in your home. That’s why we founded TITAN LIFE. No matter your lifestyle, we have thought about you in our product range. We want to make it easier for you to include exercising to your daily life.

Behind TITAN LIFE is a team of experienced and proud specialists who have worked with distribution and manufacturing of fitness equipment for many years. Our ambition is still going strong. We work from a philosophy of keeping prices reasonable and continuously challenging our own ability to affect the environment least possible.

TITAN LIFE began when we started talking about different aspects of life quality. We believe health and happiness are the real cornerstones of life. People find strength when they challenge themselves physically. Strength and energy that help coping with the demands of everyday life as well as making you capable of doing even more of what you really love to do in life. That’s why we chose to add LIFE to our original brand TITAN.

TITAN LIFE products are distributed through existing distribution channels of LivingSport, in the Nordic countries Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.