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A strong and solid rack for dips to strengthen your triceps and upper body.

Max user weight: 175 kg Dimensions: L: 100 x W: 55 x H: 135


TITAN LIFE Half Rack is used for many different exercises, from pull ups to squats. This rack has many features such as 2 holders for barbells, holders for training bands, hooks for spring locks, J-hooks and safety bars. In addition, is can also be used to store bumper plates. This rack is designed to have space for a workout bench, allowing for exercises such as bench presses etc. The meassurements of this rack are L x W x H: 181 cm x 188 cm x 250 cm


TITAN LIFE Power Rack is a stable power rack that handles heavy loads and blows. This rack is ideal if you want to perform a lot of heavy weight exercises under safe conditions. The maximum weight load on this rack is 200 kg. TITAN LIFE Power Rack measures, L x W x H: 130 cm x 122 cm x 231 cm.

TITAN LIFE Adjustable Rack

TITAN LIFE Rack for barbells which can be adjusted in width and height. The rack is usable for all sizes of rods. The rack can be locked when it's not in use. The meassurements of the Barbell Rack are H x W x L: 112 cm x 89 cm x 121 cm. The maximum suitable weight for the stand is 120 kg.

TITAN LIFE Squat Rack Stability

TITAN LIFE Squat Rack is an excellent product for those who want a durable and solid squat rack of high quality for stability. The TITAN LIFE Squat Stand can be adjusted in height and is perfect for exercises such as squats, deadlifts, military presses, bench presses and many more. The solid steel frame can carry up to 200 kg. The meassuerement of the Squat Stand are L x W x H: 184 cm x 130 cm x 120 cm


TITAN LIFE Squat Rack is a strong and stable Squat Rack in high quality. The rack is perfect for both squats, dead-lifts, military press, bench press and other exercises. The solid steel frame makes it possible to train intensively with a weight capacity of about 200 kg. To ensure stability the construction is welded. Weight: 47 kg Dimensions (cm): L: 130 x W: 122 x H: 172


Rack for wall mounting. Mounting screws not included. The rack is of a high quality and durable. We recommend using TITAN LIFE Power Bands if support is needed to perform muscle group training, or TITAN LIFE Weight Vest or Dip Belt if extra weight is desired. However, please note that the max load on the rack is 100 kg.