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TITAN LIFE Plyo Box Wooden

TITAN LIFE Wooden Plyo Box is an effective fitness tool to improve your total body strength, especially the legs. This Plyo Box has a classic design in stable and solid wood which can withstand many blows and a heavy resistance of 100kg. Combine your Plyo exercises with running and athletics to sculpt your body into a good shape and stay fit. The Plyo Box meassures L x W x H: 40 cm x 50 cm x 60 cm.

TITAN LIFE Soft Plyo Box 5 in 1

TITAN LIFE Soft Plyobox is made of hard foam that does not soften or crack against hard blows and heavy resistance. The Plyobox is covered in vinyl that ensures durability and safety. This box comes with handles for easy positioning or storage. 5 boxes with the following measurements: Length: 36 "(91 cm), Width: 30 "(76 cm), Height: 3 "- 8 cm, 6" - 15 cm, 12 "- 30 cm, 18" - 46 cm & 24 "- 61 cm.