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TITAN LIFE R10 Rowing Machine is a small rowing machine with elastic resistance. Suitable for exercising the entire body and the core muscles. Resistance on the machine is easily regulated with three elastics. Each elastic has a resistance of 5 kg. The advantage of the elastics offers you the option to focus your workout on your arms, in a standing position. Track the most important information of your workout efforts on the display such as distance, strokes, strokes in total, burned calories and scan. Get inspiration for various exercises with the included training CD. This rowing machine is mounted with transport wheels for easy movement and storage so that it doesn't take up unnecessary space in your home. TITAN LIFE R10 is suitable for a maximum user weight of 110 kg and a user height of 198 cm. Measurement of the rowing machine are: H x W x L: 94 cm x 43.5 cm x 138 cm.

TITAN LIFE Rower TRAINER R10. Resistance Tubes

TITAN LIFE Rower TRAINER R10 is a small rowing machine for those who want to maintain their training at home. The rowing machine is designed with tube resistance. You can easily adjust the resistance with three different tubes - each tube is equivalent to a resistance of 5 kg. The display provides information about the time, numbers of rows and the total burned calories.  The machine is foldable and easy to move around in your home. TITAN LIFE Rower R10 is for you who wants an affordable and simple rowing machine and don't need all the technical features.

TITAN LIFE Rower R65. Air

TITAN LIFE Rower R65. Air is a powerful rowing machine with both air and magnetic resistance with 16 automatic levels. The air resistance typically gives you a better rowing experience while the magnetic resistance make it suitable for advanced users. The display shows the time, distance, number of strokes and calories. In addition, the comfortable seat easily slides on the aluminium rail with almost no friction. This is for those who are looking for the best quality to workout at home.