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TITAN LIFE Crosstrainer Nordic 8 is a well-equipped crosstrainer. The modern design makes it suitable for any home. It features electronically adjustable magnetic resistance, 32 levels and a computer with 12 exercise programs. The TITAN LIFE Nordic 8 cross trainer provides you with a solid product quality at home. The stride length of 38 cm offers great mobility and an efficient workout for the entire body. The 7 kg flywheel provides smooth movement at all levels of resistance, ensuring a satisfying workout. Smart display equipped with hand pulse sensors for easily tracking your heart rate during exercise. The suitable maximum user weight for this Rowing Machine is 120 kg. The dimensions are, L x W x H: 135 cm x 67 cm x 167 cm.


TITAN LIFE ATHLETE C77 is a really stable crosstrainer that can withstand heavy loads. It is suitable for any demanding user. There are a total of 32 training programs which offers a wide variety of exercise options and thus helps you stay motivated in your workout. You can choose the Beginner, Advance, Body Fat and Cardio program. The crosstrainer provides you with a full body workout exercising almost all the large muscles in your body and at the same time the workout increases the chance of effective fat burning. If you need to rest your body the machine has a fixed handle you can hold on to. The TITAN LIFE Athlete C77 has a 5.5-inch LCD screen that easily shows necessary information such as time, speed, distance, watts, hand pulse, calories, temperature, heart rate and body fat. The stride length is a full 43.5 cm long and gives you the best workout experience. The crosstrainer has a smooth stride and you can easily change the different resistance levels as you exercise.


TITAN LIFE ATHLETE C95 is a feature-rich crosstrainer. This well thought out crosstrainer offers a fluently and comfortable motion that allows an efficient and gentle training. 24 Computer Applications. You can choose between 24 computer programs, and at the same time we guarantee that the product contains all relevant features. If you want to take your workout to the next level, the machine offers 15 resistance levels. In addition, the TITAN LIFE ATHLETE C95 has many technical innovations such as; time, distance, calories, hand pulse etc. Furthermore, the 7 kg flywheel ensures a full body workout. The maximum permissible user weight on the crosstrainer is 120 kg. This is a cross trainer from the new line from TITAN LIFE with a unique design and has the flywheel placed in the front. The innovative design focuses on intensive elliptical movement which is smooth and provides a more powerful and yet gentle exercise experience. At the same time, the long stride length of a full 50 cm will help to make your training experience even better. The flywheel of the TITAN LIFE Athlete C95 cross trainer weighs 7 kg and the machine has a maximum user weight of 120 kg and a 23 cm distance between the foot pedals The computer on the cross trainer 24 programs to choose between and several features which allow you to choose exactly the workout that fits your needs. The TITAN LIFE Athlete C95 is also equipped with transport wheels so that you can easily move it around.


TITAN LIFE ATHLETE C55 Crosstrainer is a highly-featured and exclusively designed crosstrainer that allows you to get a full body workout in the comfort of your own home. The TITAN LIFE ATHELETE C55 has a 40 cm stride length which gives a sliding feel and optimizes a full body motion. It has adjustable magnetic resistance, and the 8 kg flywheel allows a smooth stride and intensifies the resistance in different levels. Furthermore, this crosstrainer is equipped with a pulse sensor located on the handlebar as well as it holds various technical features such as clock, alarm and temperature. The machine carries a user weight of max 120 kg. The crosstrainer is equipped with transport wheels for portability which makes it easy to move and store between workouts.

TITAN LIFE Crosstrainer C35

Titan Life Crosstrainer C35 offers a powerful and effective for your workout at home. The bike has a long stride length of 33 cm which gives you the optimal mobility. The 6kg flywheel is equipped with electronic adjustable magnetic resistance that delivers a smooth and flawless motion on every level. The handle has an integrated hand pulse sensor to check your pulse during workout.

TITAN LIFE Crosstrainer C65

TITAN LIFE Crosstrainer C65 has a new system "Drive Force System" that provides the incredible feeling of a 11 kg flywheel despite the 6kg flywheel that it is equipped with. Consequently, you get a lighter crosstrainer that is easy to move around. TITAN LIFE Crosstrainer C65 has an entire 40 cm stride length and offers a total of 21 programs with a display that shows the time, pulse, burned calories, resistance, speed/minute, watt, etc. If you need a more advanced crosstrainer with many features, TITAN LIFE Crosstrainer C65 is the obvious choice for you.