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TITAN LIFE Balanceboard Wooden

TITAN LIFE Balance Board Wooden provides the user with an easy and inexpensive method for training coordination, agility and balance. Up to 34% of all knee and ankle injuries can be prevented with a balance board. The body's neural pathways are stimulated to better control of the natural qualities of your feet with the TITAN LIFE Balance Board.

TITAN LIFE Gym Balance Trainer

TITAN LIFE Balance Trainer Pro Tool can be incorporated in your daily workout in order to improve strength, flexibility and your core. The Balance Trainer offers a variety of exercises such as squat and push-up. The TITAN LIFE Balance Trainer Pro is usable on both sides. The measurements are Diameter: 69 cm and Height: 25 cm.

TITAN LIFE Balance Air soft

Balance trainer has a strong cushion with different coating on each side. A great tool for rehabilitation and training of your balance.
  • 34 cm. in diameter -  5 cm in width