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TITAN LIFE Protection Mat, 4 pcs.

TITAN LIFE Protection mat. Perfect sound absorbing underlay protection for your machine. The package contains 4 puzzle pieces. Measurements: 30 x 30 cm.


TITAN LIFE Doorstep is an adjustable doorstep / doorway Pull-up Bar. It is easily adjusted into the doorway and can be adjusted between these sizes 62-93 cm.

TITAN LIFE Rig Monkey Bar 2 pcs 108 cm

Rig Monkey Bars can be mounted in a ladder formation in your TITAN LIFE Rig.

TITAN LIFE Rig J-hooks

6 mm steel, 8 mm nylon liner incl. a safety lock.


Steel. Delivered with a safety lock.


TITAN LIFE Rig Dip Horn is easy and simple to mount on the TITAN LIFE rig. This is a solid and stable as well as more affordable solution to buying a stand alone dip stand. It can be mounted on a normal weight rig and can easily be adjusted in height according to your needs. This Rig Dip Hown is only suitable for TITAN LIFE rigs and not racks.


TITAN LIFE Dip Belt with a chain attached, which allows the user to add extra weight to eg. chin ups. The meassurements of this Dip Belt are, L x W x H: 80 cm x 10 cm x 4 cm

TITAN LIFE Multigrip Chin Up

The TITAN LIFE Multigrip Chin Up is perfect for performing several functional exercises. This tool allows many different technical exercises. The rib has oblique sides. The multigrip chin up should be mounted with the correct screws in order to ensure a secure and stable attachment to the wall, and to be able to carry the weight of the user. The depth of the mounting holes should be minimum 8 mm deep. The measurements for the stand are W x H x D: 131 cm x 56 cm x 16 cm. The handles have a circumference of 30 mm.


TITAN LIFE Push Up Bars are designed so that they are slightly slanted to protect the wrists whilst performing push ups. The steel handlebar is coated with comfortable foam to ensure a comfortable workout. The TITAN LIFE Push Up Bars are sold as a set. The Meassurements of the push up bars are, L x W x H: 26.5 cm x 17 cm x 13 cm

TITAN LIFE Push Up Bars, Set

With these push up bars you can use your own body weight for functional training, focusing on your back, arms and core muscles. These solid and stable bars ensures safe performance of your exercises, allowing for a longer workout. The push up bars are sold as a pair and are suitable for a maximum user weight of 120 kg.