Recovery is about giving your body time to heal and gather strength for the next physical challenge. In fact, it is during the recovery process, that the body becomes stronger. During exercise you break down muscle fibers. It is fine to be active during recovery by choosing another training form, for example yoga or cycling, while the body e.g. recovers between strength workouts.

If you have had an injury, it is important to have an appropriate rehabilitation course planned. TITAN LIFE has many training machines and equipment that can be used for gentle rehabilitation.

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TITAN LIFE Trigger Roller

The Trigger Roller is used for stretching your muscles, both before and after training. It’s a great tool for achieving a full stretch.

TITAN LIFE Balanceboard Wooden

TITAN LIFE Balance Board Wooden provides the user with an easy and inexpensive method for training coordination, agility and balance. Up to 34% of all knee and ankle injuries can be prevented with a balance board. The body's neural pathways are stimulated to better control of the natural qualities of your feet with the TITAN LIFE Balance Board.

TITAN LIFE Gym Balance Trainer

TITAN LIFE Balance Trainer Pro Tool can be incorporated in your daily workout in order to improve strength, flexibility and your core. The Balance Trainer offers a variety of exercises such as squat and push-up. The TITAN LIFE Balance Trainer Pro is usable on both sides. The measurements are Diameter: 69 cm and Height: 25 cm.


TITAN LIFE Hula Hoop is a great training tool that strengthens the muscles of the waist, hips, abdomen, back and legs. The two-color hula hoop with a comfortable foam coating weighs 1.5 kg. Can be divided into smaller parts, making it easier to transport and easy to assemble again. The weight and waves on the inside of the ring help to trim the muscles around the abdomen, back, hip, legs and, not least, the waist.

TITAN LIFE Pilates Roller

Perfect for pilates, yoga, massage, rehabilitation, stretching. Length: 90 cm Diameter: 15 cm